Our Story

We launched Story to support entrepreneurs with big visions that leverage the creation and proliferation of data. Our focus on early stage (pre-seed and seed) means we emphasize the people and vision over everything else. If you're passionate about an idea that touches the world of data, whether at inception, infrastructure, or application, we'd love to hear from you.



Pinn is an attribution and attestation cybersecurity company that utilizes behavioral biometrics to verify a person's identity.



Muse is an artificial intelligence company teaming up with creatives to better store and organize the world's video content.


Stae is a software infrastructure platform that helps municipalities and partner institutions better understand, utilize, and monetize urban data.



Jiko is a decentralized full stack bank that empowers customers with an end-to-end secure, seamless, and safe banking experience.


Sayspring allows designers to create voice-enabled applications across voice OS platforms without any upfront code required.


WaystoCap is a B2B marketplace focused on bringing efficiency and transparency to the trading ecosystem in Africa.


Petal is a big data credit card company creating a digital experience that brings simplicity and transparency to better serve invisible prime borrowers.


Nanit is a computer vision company using machine learning to provide parents with valuable insights about baby sleeping behaviors.

Apple Pie capital

Apple Pie Capital is a marketplace lender creating a frictionless bridge between lenders and franchisees.

Newton X

NewtonX is an AI-powered knowledge marketplace that connects professionals with leading industry experts.


TransRisk is an information services business that leverages private data to bring transparency to the opaque trucking and freight markets.